Local Hail Repair Specialist Co-Operative

Why go to an auto body shop that’s only going to pay a PDR technician 10%-50% of your car dent repair?

We are HailRemover!  A local down to earth PDR  company based in Lakewood, Co.  We are a small humbly owned co-operative of technicians looking to save you money on your auto dent repair.  There are no middle men, brokers, or sales guys so you can save a ton of money.  Go Person-to-tech by calling us now!

Hail Removal Dent Repair

We specialize in paintless dent removal and can repair your car’s dents without the damage and expense of conventional auto body.  We do this by accessing the back of the dent and meticulously re-sculpting the metal back to it’s original shape and contour without damaging the original finish.

Minor to Medium Collision

We not only specialize in door dings and hail damage but also specialize in collision repairs.  If there is no mechanical or frame damage, chances are we can save you a ton of money on repairs and do the same job or better. 

Insurance Assistance

We help with the whole insurance process no matter the complexity.  Pay no out of pocket and get the same repair done right faster.  We are can help you with your claim because we are public adjusters.

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